Simpson Rugged Seal Panel Meters

Simpson Analog Panel Meters - Rugged Seal Series

Custom dials and scaling are Available.

The 33 Series instruments offer a wide variety of applications in control, alarm and limit use. Photo conductor sensing eliminates all interference with the indicating meter. These relays incorporate an amplifier input which drives a rugged high torque pivot and jewel or taut-band meter. All voltage rantes are 20,000 ohms/volt (50 ľA) and all current ranges have a 50 mV drop. Metal cased "Rugged Seal" construction withstands rigorous environmental conditions. High-gain transistor switching with a "dead band" of no more than 0.5% of full scale. Fail safe circuitry opens output relays in the event of power failure.

Meter Type 3-1/2" 4-1/2"
DC Voltimeter 3323 3324
DC Ammeter 3323 3324
AC Voltimeter - Rectifier Type 3323 3324
AC Voltimeter - Iron Vane 3343 3344
AC Ammeter - Iron Vane 3343 3344

Other - ranges and configurations not listed available upon request. Please Contact Us for more availability and pricing.