Simpson Analog Meters

Century Meters
Designer Meters
Setpoint (Relay) Meters
Wide Vue Meters

Instruction guide for each of the model is available for download. These files are in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. This is for your convenience so that you may print them out as needed and can be viewed using the freely downloadable utility, Adobe Acrobat Reader at

Other Simpson Products

260-8 and 260-8P Volt-Ohm-Meters
260-8XI & 260-8XPI Volt-Ohm-Meters
260-6XLPM Low Power Volt-Ohm-Meter
270-5 High Accuracy Volt-Ohm-Meters
160 Handi-VOM Volt-Ohm-Meter
372 Ohm Meter
606 Chart Recorder
385 Series Meters
505-5KV Meg-Ohm-Meter
228 Current Leakage Tester
229 Current Leakage Tester
897 Sound Dosimeter System