Digital Multi Meters

The Service Person's Choice of Tools

Check out the features and you'll see we've enhanced the performance beyond any other handheld meter on the planet. Like faster readings. Extended ranges. Lower DC volts. Dual displays. Broader capacitance range. The ability to download data to your PC. And a lot more. No wonder more people prefer Fluke meters over any other brand. Anywhere. So make a smart move. Discover the world's smartest meter — the Fluke 180 Series.
  • 0.025% basic DC accuracy
  • 50,000-count resolution with instant readings enables detailed analyses
  • 100 kHz ac bandwidth opens the possibilities of modern applications not possible with less capable DMMs
  • Internal memory allows for stand alone logging of measurement changes (up to 3 days) indentifying stable and unstable periods with a real-time stamp.
  • MIN MAX to record and timestamp values in real-time.
  • 250 S Fast MIN MAX for peak transient capture.
  • Temperature readings in C or F using optional K-type thermocouple
  • Enhanced ranges, such as dc voltage measurements down to 10 V, and capacitance up to 50,000 F
  • Multiple reading display with bargraph has two-level backlight
  • The Fluke 187 and 189 both have on-line logging capabilities when connected to a PC. The 189 has the additional cabability of logging 995 readings in a stand-alone application for later download to a PC.