DNFT - performs Monitoring and Shutdown functions like No-Flow,
Low-Flow or Excessive-Flow for Divider-Block Lubrication Systems.
Air Throttle
Air Throttle - directly control the power output of the engines, and
come in the following models: Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)
Throttles, Analog Throttles, and J1939 Throttles.
Panel Meters
Panel Meter - is a device that displays an input signal in either digital or analog form. Many panel meters
include different options such as the ability to set off an alarm and transfer information to and from a
Engine Controls
Engine Controls - are used to operate all brands of electronic diesel engines, all brands of transmissions,
air drilling equipment, and other oilfield service packages. These packages are custom built to ensure the
controls and meters are designed to operate as per the specifications of the job.
Measuring Equipment
Measuring Equipment - is used to check for the presence and magnitude of voltage, temperature,
and also used to check the size of many different items. Many of these items are must-haves for any
electronics expert!
High Voltage Divider
High Voltage Divider - is used to divide high voltage into smaller, more manageable voltages, so that
they can be measured accurately using a multimeter. These are 10:1 voltage dividers for use on AC
or DC circuits up to 5000 volts.
Custom Harness
Custom Harness - is designed to allow an easy connection to be made between a piece of
equipment and an electronic device. A custom harness can be built for many different purposes and
can be made with many different connectors for easy connections to any type of equipment.
Shifters - are used to control mechanical/electrical transmissions from 6 speed to 8 speed. This
will make for easier and smoother shifting on your transmission. We also develop shifters with a
J1939 bus interface that allows your shifter to be automated by a computer.
Time Clock
Time Clocks - are used to record different measures of time so that a record of a particular event can be
timestamped. These clocks can be setup to record the month, the day, the date, the time, or any
combination of these. Most applications require some type of time measurement, so a time clock is
almost always needed.
Cycle Indicator
Cycle Indicators - are a very cost effective and easy to use lubrication monitoring device. It is a
completely sealed device, specially made for industrial use. The highly visible indicator makes it easy
for anyone to see and quickly determine the precise timing of the divider valve cycle.
Lubrication Monitor
Lubrication Monitors - use the newest microprocessor and transistor technologies to detect SLOW-FLOW
and NOFLOW conditions by monitoring divider block lubrication systems. These are also used to display
the total run-time hours and total oil consumption in pints.
Proximity Switch
Proximity Switches - are devices that are used to accurately monitor fluid or
grease lubrication systems. They are completely sealed and specially
manufactured for industrial use. The proximity switch is very easy to use an
can be installed on either side of the divider block.
Purge Gun
Purge Guns - are easy to use, lever action hand-pumped lubrication devices. It can be used to
manually purge oil systems, test oil systems, or test the condition of a divider valve system.
J1939 Products
J1939 Products - uses a high-speed network for machines that operate at 250K baud rate.
These products are capable of supporting control, information sharing, diagnostics,
multiplexing, and proprietary communications.
AC Volt Meter (HV 5000)
AC Volt Meter (HV 5000) - is used to check high voltages from 0 to 5000VAC. These meters are
made from high impact styrene plastic, so they are very durable and work very well at high voltages.
Phase Sequence Indicators
Phase Sequence Indicators - are used to identify correct phase sequence of live three-phase
lines. Phase A, B, C lamps are on when all phases are connected. When only one lamp is on it
indicates that the phase is open.
Well Service Package
Well Service Packages - Whitlock Instrument specializes in engineering or reengineering many
different types of well service packages. Some of the well service packages that can be designed
and constructed are harness assemblies, remote control panels, dashes, relay panels, and more.
Power Monitor - Designed to monitor power coming out of wall receptacle(USA and
Monitors and displays AC voltage  (30 to 350 VAC) and hertz (20 to 450 Hz.).
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