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Latham Time Clocks


The 2000 Series time recorders are compact and rugged. They feature manual registration and smooth, reliable operation. The case is made of high-grade steel, with a stainless steel card receiver, and is finished with an environmentally safe powder paint. The case is locking so security is never a problem. The 2000 Series can be furnished to record either month(JA-DE) and date(1-31), or day of week(M-SU), in combination with regular (1-12, 1-12) or continental (0-23) hours, along with minutes, tenths (.0-.9), or hundredths (.00-.99) of an hour. The ribbon automatically reverses at the end of the spool. Left-hand registration is also available.

5000E Electronic Time Recorder

As a time clock, the 5000E prints the time and date on cards or job tickets for calculating payroll or costing jobs. The same unit can also be configured to append comments such as PAID and SENT to the time and date, making it an ideal choice for time stamping of important documents. And if your application requires the unique identification of documents, the 5000E can even be set to operate as a numbering machine, printing up to six a digit number that advances sequentially based on your settings. Along with the ability to operate as a time clock, a time stamp, or a numbering machine, the 5000E also features a large digital display, internal alignment light, quick installing ribbon cartridges, and a print alignment view finder, making it a true "easy to use" device. Time and date changes for daylight savings and leap year are handled automatically by the unit's processor. Flexibility and ease of use make the 5000E an ideal solution to all of your company's time keeping needs.

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