PN000692 Cat Install Instructions

The following parts are included in the Cat install Package.

1) PN000705 Sender, Oil Pressure 150 psi 10 bar R8917

2) PN000706 Sender, Fuel Pressure 100 psi R89810

3) PN000707 Sender, Water Temp 100-240 deg R8923

4) PN000660 Plug, 6Pin DT06-6P

5) PN000576 Contact, Male Pin 0462-=201-16141 (6each)

These parts are to be installed at the same time as engine prep prior to shipment to the end user.
Install the oil pressure, fuel pressure, and water temperature sender in the appropriate places on the engine.
The 6 pin plug is for the cable assembly that will go to the radiator normal/low level sensor and the
air solenoid shutdown. This plug should be positioned near the starter or 70 pin ECM connector coming
from the relay panel with connections routed to the approximate location of the radiator sensor and air
solenoid shutdown relay.

The following connections are to be used to insure compatibility with the cable assembly from the relay panel.

Pin 01 Orange +5 volts

Pin 02 Pink Sensor/Switch Common

Pin 03 White Coolant Level Low

Pin 04 Yellow Coolant Level Normal

Pin 05 Not Used Leave blank

Pin 06 White/Red Shutoff, Air Solenoid

It will be necessary to install an oil pressure switch (Cat supplied item) to disable the air solenoid
on loss of oil pressure as the engine quits. For detail of the connections refer to DWG #691 included.